Eleanor Day is represented by Borelli’s Chestnut Hill Gallery in Philadelphia.

About Eleanor


Eleanor Day is an artist who is mostly self-taught after her initial instruction at an arts based high school, followed by four years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Much of her education came as a result of her hunger for viewing her favorite painters’ work, from Munch, Klimt, and the Pre-Raphaelites, to Renaissance masters such as Caravaggio. Her early travels gave her the experience of European cathedrals and the breathtaking beauty of their treasures. Her love of stained glass and the mystical aspects of religious painting and iconography has continued to influence her work over the years.
Despite the many personal challenges, obstacles and upheavals in her life, she has continued to develop her work, and to exhibit locally in the various places she has lived, from her hometown, Philadelphia, to New York, to San Francisco and Innishannon, Ireland, returning to settle in Philadelphia.
Her recent subject matter connects her personal struggles to relevant issues of the day. She tells the story of many (particularly women) in relating scenes of her own childhood, and brings to attention the struggles of others who are burdened and marginalized in the current state of our society, as well as documenting the beauty of flowers in the destruction of nature caused by greed.