Artist’s Statement

As varied as the many painters I admire, such as Vermeer, Munch, Gaugin, Frida Kahlo, and the Pre Raphaelites, my own style has gone through stages from predominately emotional expressiveness, to my present more careful rendering of detail to reflect my impressions of a particular subject. I’m not ashamed to admit that my desire to paint the beauty I see is one of my main goals through painting, but in my careful examination of face, figure, pattern on a cloth, or tree in a garden, I am able to present an intimate vision that conjures something deeply personal. I can only reach that place through painting.

I find the figure and portraiture endlessly fascinating as subject matter, and often use family and friends (and animals) surrounding me in my everyday life. The use of color is probably the most powerful draw for me when painting, as well as high contrast, reminiscent of the stained glass of cathedrals that inspires me. I work in oils, building my images in layers over bold drawings to give them depth and luminosity.